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As the largest jewelry college in Europe, BCU has first-class facilities and professional courses, and the teachers are complete and professional. It is located in the heart of the 125-year-old Jewels Corner.

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Studying in the Jewelry College, you can feel a strong learning atmosphere, and have a higher degree of participation and a stronger sense of integration compared with the traditional domestic learning mode. First of all, students have the opportunity to participate in various well-known jewelry competitions and exhibitions, such as the “Academy Cup” competition organized by the Goldsmiths Craft and Design Committee and important exhibitions such as New Designer, both during their undergraduate and master’s studies. Others vary according to the course. There are also large and small joint exhibitions in cooperation with other colleges.

During the preparation of the exhibition, students need to take on various team responsibilities, such as the curatorial team, the design team, the publicity team, etc. Make fake degree. Order fake certificate. Make fake Birmingham City University diploma. This is undoubtedly a rehearsal of the roles we may play in the future, and the students will definitely be in the experience. A lot of harvest.

It is worth mentioning that studying jewelry design at BCU, in addition to the systematic and professional courses on campus, overseas study experience is also an important part of the whole course. The school provides access to an international perspective in the jewellery industry for most jewellery-related courses. For example, the one-week SCHMUCK jewelry exhibition held in Munich, Germany every March, a group of such overseas practices are included in the course content.