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In 1996, the committee merged with the University of London Examination and Evaluation Committee to become the Edexcel National Vocational Education and Academic Examination Institution. BTEC has gradually become a well-known brand of secondary and higher vocational education under Edexcel.

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BTEC only requires students to choose a major direction, such as art and design direction, under this setting there are different subdivision directions, you can choose a graphic design direction. And BTEC does not need to study subjects other than professional courses. Buy uk university diploma. The courses are all around the majors they are studying, and students can have more time to get exercise in the professional direction. By focusing more on the relevant knowledge to be learned in the future, you will be more interested in the knowledge you will learn, with high learning efficiency and good learning effect, and you can directly apply to the undergraduate degree in a British institution with good grades. Buy Business & Technology Education Council certificate, buy Business & Technology Education Council diploma. Buy BTEC diploma, Buy BTEC certificate. Especially for the very volume art and design majors, through the study of the BTEC course, you can directly study the undergraduate course without taking the preparatory courses of foreign undergraduate colleges, saving a year of time and saving a year of tuition fees for foreign preparatory courses.

The classification of the BTEC curriculum system is as follows: According to the development of modern economy and society and the needs of employers, BTEC covers 150 majors and nearly 3,000 customized teaching units. The fields involved are: art and design (including: Graphic design, fashion design, three-dimensional design, art, etc.), business (including: management, finance and accounting, marketing, human resource management, etc.), construction (including: civil engineering, architecture, building maintenance, etc.) engineering ( Including: mechanical engineering, electrical and electronic engineering, manufacturing engineering, etc.), get BTEC diploma, health care (including: health consultation, medical care, etc.) computer and information technology (including: business information technology, ICT, multimedia, etc.), land (including: agriculture , environmental science, etc.), media (including: media, drama performance, music, news, etc.), tourism reception (including: hotel management, tourism management, entertainment and leisure, etc.), service industry, sports and leisure, music practice and Music Technology, Exercise and Fitness Science, Performing Arts