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The higher education self-study examination is regarded as an educational system and educational form, and it is positioned as an open education. According to the concept, rules and requirements of distance and open education, re-examine the talent training mode of self-study examinations. In terms of management and policy, it is necessary to realize the transition from re-examination to re-education.

people oriented

Establish a “people-oriented, student-centered” distance and open education school-running concept, and establish a learning center, a consulting center, an internship center and an examination venue. The social education organizations, especially the educational resources of ordinary colleges and universities, adult colleges and universities, private colleges and sectors, will be formed into learning centers, consulting centers, experimental practice bases and examination places for self-study examinations according to the standards.

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Distance Education

Introduce learning process assessment into the overall assessment of candidates. Can You buy a University College London certificate. For example, the usual course grades will be included in the total grades in a certain proportion, and the current method of taking one test as the final test will be changed. Start the pilot program of distance education for self-study exams and the pilot program of comprehensive evaluation of students’ academic performance in assisted schools.

international exchange

Improvements should be made in the concepts and laws of distance and open education, the formulation of training objectives, the development of teaching materials and learning materials, the methods and means of evaluation,
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Academic events

Actively participate in the exchanges and activities of international organizations with international influence, and expand the examination center. Obtained the qualification accreditation of the American Distance Education and Training Accreditation Commission from the University of South Africa, and its teaching quality and academic qualifications have been widely recognized internationally. It is inspired to consider cooperation with the International Association for Education Evaluation (IAEA), the International Association for Open and Distance Education (ICDE) and other organizations , participate in and promote the formulation of international certification standards in specific fields.