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Fake C1 Advanced diplomas for sale

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What is the fifth level of general English from Cambridge?

  1. The key to A2/A2 for schools, Cambridge General English Level 1 is the Certificate of Basic English Proficiency, which proves that you can communicate in English in simple situations. This test proves that you are off to a good start in learning English
  2. B1 Pre-School/Pre-School B1, Cambridge General English Level 2, Certificate of Intermediate English Proficiency. This test demonstrates your English language skills for work, study and travel
  3. B2 First / First for B2 Schools, Cambridge General English Level 3 is an intermediate and advanced level certificate, which can show that you can use daily written English and spoken English in your work or study. FCE Youth Edition is specially for school students, it can increase students’ enthusiasm to learn English. As it is based on familiar topics and situations, it builds confidence in the use of the English language and motivates students to continue their studies in English at a higher level, leading to higher qualifications.
  4. C1 Advanced, Cambridge General English Level 4, is used to show that your English is excellent. CAE is widely recognized by university employers and agencies such as the government
  5. C2 proficiency, Cambridge General English Level 5, the highest level of the Cambridge Certificate of English. This proves that your English has reached a very high level

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