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How to get a fake Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors certificate


How to get a fake Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors certificate


How to get a fake Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors certificate. the best way to get a fake Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors transcript. time to get a fake Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors diploma. buy fake certificate. buy fake diploma.  buy fake  transcript. Established in 1984, the Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors is a statutory professional body composed of surveyors in Hong Kong.

The Institute is committed to promoting professional surveying knowledge, promoting mutual recognition of surveyor qualifications between Hong Kong, the Mainland and foreign countries, and improving the level of professional surveying services in Hong Kong.

(1) Name The name of the institute is called “The Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors”. Hereinafter referred to as “the Institute” (2) Purpose The purpose of the Institute is to ensure progress and promote the acquisition of professional and related knowledge required by surveyors, including but not limited to the following techniques.
science and practice;
1. Determine the value of various real estates and all their rights and interests.
2. Manage and develop properties and matters related to real estate management;
3. Research, test and record the land and associated resources to ensure their optimal use to meet social, economic and other needs.
4. Firmly confirm the junction and condition of buildings and ancillary facilities, and put forward suggestions for line g, alteration, improvement, reconstruction, and demolition.
5. Identify the physical evidence that H depicts work and stool;
6. Management, Danyou, Shiji Minerals and property rights.
7. Investigate, measure and record the river to determine the reasons for the economic acquisition and use of the male employees of the construction machinery industry. Ren Chang, a treasure appraiser against construction projects.
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A few days ago, the Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors and the China Institute of Real Estate Appraisers signed an agreement on mutual recognition of qualifications between the two places to broaden the communication channels for property surveyors in the two places. According to the agreement, the conditions for Hong Kong industrial surveyors to be recognized by the Mainland are: in addition to meeting the qualification requirements of the Mainland, they also need 5 years of work experience as professional surveyors in Hong Kong, and 1 year of accumulated experience in the Mainland within 3 years.