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Questions about buying a HU Berlin Bachelor degree

Fake HU Berlin Bachelor degree

Buying a HU Berlin Bachelor degree


Humboldt–Universitat zu Berlin (HU Berlin, 1828–1945: Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität zu Berlin) has many other courses. How to get a HU Berlin fake Bachelor degree. Where to buy a HU Berlin fake diploma. Fastest ways to make fake HU Berlin certificate. Get fake HU Berlin transcript. Buy fake University, college diploma. buy fake certificate. buy fake transcript. buy fake Bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, Doctoral degree, PhD. Buy fake degree, buy Germany degree. buy diploma online, buy fake Germany diploma. buy certificate. Buy degree in Germany. For example, language classes, in addition to German, also provide Italian, English, French, Chinese, Japanese, Polish, etc., there are still many choices, but they are still less than those of the Berlin University of Technology. There are still many choices of physical education classes, as well as seasonal courses such as skating and skiing in winter. There are also dance and drama performance classes. I have taken drama classes, which are a lot of fun. The number of sports is relatively small, but you can continue to play during holidays.

Humboldt–Universitat zu Berlin also has some courses related to vocational training (such as how to introduce yourself, etc.), as well as courses that teach students how to write essays. I have not taken them, but there are quite a few options. The academic activities of Humboldt University are also very rich. There are often many lectures. There are still many people on campus during the holidays.

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In addition, the school also has an organization for international students (FAMOS). There you can meet friends from many countries. This organization often organizes some activities to add a lot of fun to the life of international students. In addition, this organization will also assign new students with mentors (Mentors), that is, senior FAMOS students who give advice on learning to new students. I was lucky that my Mentorin, who was German and a Germanic language and literature major, helped me a lot.

Finally, let’s talk about the experience of studying and “living” in Humboldt. Humboldt University is located in the center of Berlin (the campus of science is relatively remote). The transportation is very convenient, so sometimes I go to school with tour groups. Humboldt University is very close to all the attractions in Berlin, such as the Brandenburg Gate, the German Bundestag, and the Chancellery, and there are many theaters next to it.

The Grimm-Zentrum library should be a big highlight, and it was so cool when I visited it for the first time. How to buy HU Berlin Bachelor degree, buy Humboldt–Universitat zu Berlin degree. buy Humboldt–Universitat zu Berlin diploma. It is said that the design of this library is for everyone to feel that they are on the stage, and they may be embarrassed to sleep. When I go to the library, I often see many tour groups. Is this an attraction? However, it is still difficult to find a seat during the exam week, so some students choose to go to the library of other campuses. Opening hours are 8:00-24:00. There is also a cafe there, providing food and drinks, you can go there to relax and have something to eat when you are tired from studying. All in all, I think I have learned a lot over the past year.