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The University of Leuven was founded in 1425 and renamed the State University of Leuven in 1835 (Rijks Universiteit Leuven, RUL, 1815-1835). The institution was separated from the original KU Leuven in the Dutch-speaking area and became a new school. KU Leuven has held its original campus for centuries in the Dutch-speaking region of Belgium, while UCL has moved to the French-speaking region of Belgium, Odinis, known as the French Catholic University of Leuven.

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When the University of Leuven was first founded, it joined the prosperity of the Belgian state, and the university grew rapidly. But later Belgium witnessed the rule of the Spanish Empire, Austria, the French Empire, and the Dutch Empire. During the Spanish occupation, the Dutch religious war broke out in southern Holland and Belgium in Flanders, and the University of Leuven was heavily affected by the conflict. During the Austrian occupation, Austria had a strong influence on the educational system, which was relatively rigid.