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I read GDL in Ulaw and now I am studying LPC. I just like Ulaw, because Ulaw is very professional and very famous in the UK local law circle. Most of the partners graduated from Ulaw…Although the school is in London, the Moorgate campus has a large library, excellent teaching hardware facilities, very nice teachers, and the school’s job search center is also very useful. I highly recommend coming to Ulaw! It is absolutely right to choose Ulaw!

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At LLB, all tutors have private practice experience in law firms or in-house, which is very helpful at LLB. The tutors know how lawyers apply the law in real life, and they run the tutorials with the same approach, which prepares students for a career in law.

Peter Goodchid, my tutor at the UK Law University, inspired me during my studies. When I did GDL, as the only non-native speaker, I was very shy and afraid of making mistakes. He would kindly ask me some questions and encourage me to express my opinion. I’m so grateful and I’ll try to do the same for others throughout my career.

In my training contract, I have done projects and derivatives, as well as structured finance. Make fake University of Law diploma. Make fake degree. Make fake certificate. I love projects because we do a lot of “deals of the year” that can’t be done without teamwork. We support each other late at night and get off work shifts before work so everyone can rest. There is always someone watching over the deal and moving things forward. We have a very broad practice and all transactions are different. During the six-month project meeting, I worked on infrastructure and energy, corporate and financial documents, renewables and conventional coal/gas, new projects and refinancing. We work from the legal side, but we also support business decisions.