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2020 Zhejiang University of Media and Communications and University of Bolton Co-organize Master of Visual Media

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Academic system and courses
1. Academic duration: The duration of the program is 2 academic years, with monthly intensive teaching.

2. Course setting:

The first semester: systematically study research methods and master the core skills of visual media production and reporting.

The second and third semesters: Make fake degree. Order fake certificate. Make fake University of Bolton diploma. Improve the ability of all-media communication by completing visual media works.

Semester 4: Use the knowledge and skills learned to complete graduation works and creative reports by choosing topics independently.

Registration conditions
1. Those with relevant learning backgrounds such as journalism and media or who are interested in engaging in visual media, have obtained a bachelor’s, bachelor’s degree or above, or a degree

2. Possess relevant work experience or experience in news media

3. Proficiency in English communication and writing, IELTS 6.5 (inclusive) or above or pass the internal English test of the University of Bolton, UK